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A Night in the Tropics

Greetings and God bless all here. It has been a long quest from 2004 but my book "A Night in the Tropics" is in print. It should be available in your neighborhood bookstore. If you don't see it then ask for it by name: "A Night in the Tropics." --- It was published by:Vantage Press Inc., 419 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016 --- Here is a short blurb from the fly page "... A Night in the Tropics, by Louis Joseph Barbier, is a tale of icy Panama beer, romance, sultry tropical nights--- and unflagging dedication." ---- For those who buy it... enjoy! I found it a great read! --- Oh, by the way it is currently a FIRST EDITION--- Louie...


Hello... Psst---want to read a great story? then pick up my book "A Night in the Tropics" --- Check your local neighborhood bookstore --- Ask by it by name. --- It was published by Vantage Press, Inc, 419 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016... It is a great read! --- I gurantee! So get one before they are all sold out! Help a struggling author....

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... Oh, Brother where art thou? Have you heard of the latest author of interesting stories? He was born in Panama and attended BHS Class of 1957. Well, he has a new adventure and romance book out... the yiyle of the book is "A Night in the Tropics" be the first to get the book. Just ask for it by name. Where? At your local neighborhood bookstore. If you shop at the PX or Ship Store... they should have it too. If not ask for it by name. Thanks and enjoy a great read!!!!!

The thoughts of home will linger on...Enjoy it while it last... Hoy or Manana for me...Are you packed already or what? --- Not to worry just bring green...The beaches and the people...Cheers where everybody knows your name...Fly COPA to Panama...Feel the rush that sweeps...You are in Panama life is good...Hasta la vista y Manana...Now drop that heavy load...Kick back a spell… relax your dogs...We have the best coffee...We serve it piping hot...Café Duran in yellow and black package...Just ask for Café Duran...El café that always satisfies...Cup after cup after cup...What are you doing now? --- Siesta time is the big calling card...Life goes on until the very end ... --- Louis J. Barbier Jr. ---

Sailboat locking through the Panama Canal Locks


For those who rather be sailing...

Hot coffee warms the star-filled cold night
As I sail the seven seas of boundless love
My sailing vessel---the Don Quixote
A sleek beautiful Swanline craft
She cuts through the water
Like a knife going through butter
The sheets fight the howling wind
At last I am free to chase my dreams
Sailing onward beneath the Southern Cross
Tonight the hot oil scent turns to desire
My love silky and soft
Snuggles closer under my blanket
Supple muscles stretching warmly
Against my body
Our love of sailing is sealed with a kiss
We are now one with the universe
Sailing now to enchanting shores of Panama
A lost paradise for lovers
Our coffee is now cold
But our hearts are warm forever

LOUIS J. Barbier Jr.

Just a walk in the jungle...

Night Transit at Miraflores Locks

Ships locking through tonight
White lights playing Hide and Seek
Nocturnal show at Miraflores

Tormented By Lost Words

For writers who burn the midnight oil...

Tormented by ghost
Manuscripts lie unfinished
With nothingness and lost hope
The words do not seem to come
The pages remain blank
What happen?
Is it just a case of writer's block?
Give it a rest
You will see
Big things coming---Not to worry
The words will tumble out onto the page
Is it magic?
Not really---It is more than that
It is passion
Oh, that Latin blood in your veins
You can hear the music
As the band plays on
Longing for that lost paradise
And hoping for much more to come
True Love and passion is its own reward

Louis J. Barbier Jr.

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Do not walk but run home...

Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure...